just us,
singing in our broken voices,
laughing until our sides hurt
and our mouths are sore,
dancing like there’s no tomorrow,
like time itself
has stopped

and now,
you and i



we’re getting close now…

another year,
and another,
and another…

it’ll be ten before we know it.

so much time,
so many empty hours
and nights like this…

running circles in my head
with no end in sight.

it’s been so long,
and there have been so many faces.
bright, smiling…
none of them mine.

why do i need permission
to be happy?
where is my peace?


another year passes,

more memories made,
more fade

new faces in my life…
smiling, happy

good times shared;
hardships overcome

the same questions though,
and the very same answers

another year older,
another year wiser
(so they say)

where has the time gone?

№ 98: In Memoriam

torn away
from us
sweetly, gently
(so i hope)
while doing
what we never can

found lying
beneath boughs
whom you once
shadowed, cradled
like children
— they cradle
you now

№ 76

to see

me, my
is to know
not yet lived
but anticipated
and real

to see
me: look,

№ 74: Lost Love


when we kiss

in the shadows,
i always wonder why:
why you hide
in plain sight,
why you hide
from me

we’ve done this dance
already, too many times to count,
tiptoed around
an inconvenient fact,
the one you wish
you could un-know

but that’s not how
this works, my dear,
— i’ve asked —
you can’t just run away
— i’ve asked —

distance doesn’t seem to matter;
the heart knows what it wants

i wait for you to understand…
to hear me, see me,
look me in the eyes

and tell me,

               this can never be

№ 68

baring one
self is a bit
like touring
for what’s real,
every turn
a new piece
to fit — mismatched
and spinning
to the steady rhythm
of the anxious seeker’s hand