just us,
singing in our broken voices,
laughing until our sides hurt
and our mouths are sore,
dancing like there’s no tomorrow,
like time itself
has stopped

and now,
you and i


№ 31: Nature and Nurture


? from what
or who

and is it a state,
a state of being
created by a vacuum

do states matter

Break away
from that destruction — impulse
made rhythmic by practice

and what practice

what natural predisposition

? what terrible sport

№ 22: Static Moment, Part 2

Part 2 of Static Moment. Read Part 1 here.


Clearest Clarity

wandering out of nowhere;
a welcome invader
in the land of Nothing

making peace with the native,
the man who had gone missing
for an hour or so

and it all starts over,
everything is renewed

except for the memories,
which linger for a time
like always.