№ 24: Out of Options

There’s no title here,
no indication of an idea
worth more than a flicker
of interest, but it presses:
“Enter title here.”

It demands my submission,
knows I’ll be attentive
to the details if only I start
the process; fall into the trap
so cleverly laid.
And I may publish, though
it makes more sense to preview
before committing myself
so deeply.

All those categories,
classifications I’ve designed,
but rarely do I follow
my own careful system.

The safest bet is the trash;
“Move to Trash” can be quite welcome
when long days and sleepless nights
bring forth the demons
text makes plain for all to see.

In the end, I’ll tag this
in a hundred different ways,
stretching the truth here and there
to improve the odds you’ll see it;
and what harm is that?


№ 22: Static Moment, Part 2

Part 2 of Static Moment. Read Part 1 here.


Clearest Clarity

wandering out of nowhere;
a welcome invader
in the land of Nothing

making peace with the native,
the man who had gone missing
for an hour or so

and it all starts over,
everything is renewed

except for the memories,
which linger for a time
like always.