in all the wrong ways
we find what’s right,
what works
and what doesn’t,
learning who we are
through losing ourselves

in too many moments
of quiet contemplation,
wondering how we strayed
so very far
from who we thought we were.

it’s the little things,
the uncomfortable things,
the panics,
the sadness,
the ups-and-downs
of losing sight of the path

that brings us closer,
in little and
some not-so-little ways,
to that person
we so often forget to love.



there is a space
just beyond the horizon,
a brightness
lingering on the thin line
that separates today
from tomorrow

beyond the here and now,
cascades of color
pierce the velvet veil of heaven
and while we sleep,
those ancient eyes
treat us to their mysteries,
let flow
truths only darkness can reveal

our space,
once so far away —
still warm, golden
— brings forth the day


driving these winding roads,
racing from moment to moment,
racing from this
and that,
and always just passing through;
i’ve begun to wonder
when i’ll slow down
and where

more and more,
i question: why?
is it just me?
where is my heart,
where is it taking me?
does it know
what it seeks?

life has a funny way
of distracting us,
of making us doubt
who we are,
of challenging
what we think we know
and want;
it’s perverse
and uncomfortable,
but, i suppose,
that’s why this is called

all we really seek
is a little room to breathe,
a momentary pause
along the way,
a chance to stop
and enjoy the view


this shadow
i thought i knew,
had made into
a friend

but i am lost,
lost in the darkness

it’s my little secret,
my escape,
my strength
and sorrow

these moments
seem endless,
without purpose
or meaning

but still
i reach,
try to put into words
the valley
my head
calls home
and my heart
calls safe


smile, my dear

there’s so little time
in this world,
so few are these moments
we smile anymore

from this lonely heart
to yours, one day
we’ll find a place
where this darkness

though it’s gone now,
and we stumble and fall
and give up
what little hope
we have

imagine what i would give
for just one more smile,
for just one more chance
to touch your bruised
and battered heart,


nothing seen
beyond the here and now,
but i try

hardly breathing,
this just can’t be

unable to run;
you know i try

unable to shake
the feeling
of nothing
but loss

god, how i try


by the by
  we see the ghosts
  of long-dead dreams,
  those we left behind,
  grew out of,
  were too afraid to follow

and all the while
  we shudder, wait
  for the moment to pass
  so we might be free
  to turn away once more