and in the end,
i saw it all

strewn violently across the salt flat
i had come to call home,
had laid upon, had opened my wounds to
the nature of that place, and clenched my fists
as they burned and blistered

these were my pains, my dreams
before i dragged knives
through the canvas
of my life and ground our future
to dust

it wasn’t pretty,
but i saw it all,
felt it all,
knew the wreckage of my own hand
and the agony of my sorrow,
my regret,

all too well


№ 63(64)

to ride this little


while pain shoots
up my ankle,
— weak
from overuse,
from overprotection —

(i hope)
a reminder
that i am


№ 43: Miss Harlequin

harlequin pattern,
a masquerade;
i figured it out:

all smiles, gestures
certain, uncertain
— uncertain of who?

simple recesses,
dotted with recognition,
this i did not know,
but choice, made in haste,
blames only the maker

such haberdashery
flakes and into normal tiles
bleeds arrythmia,
the little chaos
like spiders’ silk

so: choice, choice;

made to be made
memorable, certainly;

pointed, — confused? —
but smiles, always

№ 40: Where Once Stood Giants

all is tinder

— underbrush
and overgrowth,
cracking and parched:
perfect kindling
for someday-fires —

light breathes
air heavy
with memory,
in the midst
of giants who
cannot get out
of the way
or give it space

that broken giver
stumbles from surface
to surface, searching
every nook and cranny;
every knobby amputee
and beheaded corpse
felt, roughly,
but for an instant,
a knowing moment,
and searched

what is sought?
what is sought
amongst this sad tinder?

what is left
to find?

№ 38: Fantasy, My Dream

How can it be

that dreams more real
— of which I can be
certain — should fail
to produce that fire

in my heart, should fail

to ignite my soul
in that most storied
In their stead
do those question marks
upon waking, whose contents
are so far


the usual
I wonder if they don’t
tell the very story
of Egoism’s great beginning,


and essential.

№ 31: Nature and Nurture


? from what
or who

and is it a state,
a state of being
created by a vacuum

do states matter

Break away
from that destruction — impulse
made rhythmic by practice

and what practice

what natural predisposition

? what terrible sport

№ 22: Static Moment, Part 2

Part 2 of Static Moment. Read Part 1 here.


Clearest Clarity

wandering out of nowhere;
a welcome invader
in the land of Nothing

making peace with the native,
the man who had gone missing
for an hour or so

and it all starts over,
everything is renewed

except for the memories,
which linger for a time
like always.