there is so much joy
in that smile, so much hope
in those expectant,
unknowing eyes — his eyes
lost in the moment, too busy
swimming in hers
to see, to recognize
what’s right in front of him.

he is exposed — consumed
by fire, by the certainty
of her hand
reaching firmly for his,
by the rhythm of her pulse
beating in time
with his own.

but he can never know
the heart he seeks, yearns
for, wants to hold
close… the distance,
he cannot overcome.

he can never touch
her love
the way his love

and he can never hear
the words
her lips
cannot utter.

but his heart, so ready
to love
and to be loved,
mistaking her loneliness
for fire.



our words linger
on subtle lips,
flow in stops
and starts,
break the languor
that broods regret,

they leave me open
and unafraid


smile, my dear

there’s so little time
in this world,
so few are these moments
we smile anymore

from this lonely heart
to yours, one day
we’ll find a place
where this darkness

though it’s gone now,
and we stumble and fall
and give up
what little hope
we have

imagine what i would give
for just one more smile,
for just one more chance
to touch your bruised
and battered heart,


and in the end,
i saw it all

strewn violently across the salt flat
i had come to call home,
had laid upon, had opened my wounds to
the nature of that place, and clenched my fists
as they burned and blistered

these were my pains, my dreams
before i dragged knives
through the canvas
of my life and ground our future
to dust

it wasn’t pretty,
but i saw it all,
felt it all,
knew the wreckage of my own hand
and the agony of my sorrow,
my regret,

all too well

№ 97

subversive strings
echoing from
the nighttime corners
of ethereal worlds

whisper secrets
we thought lost
or on purpose

nighttime tendrils
dancing in hushed silence,
disturbing nothing
but our hearts

little habits
playing in cool darkness,
beckoning us to come
and dance in the rain

№ 79 (sheet-metal melody)

do you remember
our first song:
upon sheet-metal roofing?

— such a sweet sound,
our song —

i think we kissed
to it
(in my mind),
your lips, your body
pressed to mine

and didn’t we dance
round and round
(in my dream),
heads sheltered, hearts open,

i think we did,
and our song played

— such a sweet song,
and how it plays

№ 73: Lost Love


while you were crying

i searched,
searched for an antidote
to the poison in your heart,
tried to find
the reason in your choice

we have met
a thousand times
in a thousand unknown places,
and i have watched
you shed those tears
in a thousand different ways

still, you resist
the aching of the soul
— self-inflicted agony
that bars you from my touch

forever and a day
i’ll wait, i’ll support
those feeble structures
you’ve built to cage your heart,
give credit to your stubbornness
and unfeeling self-determination,

and even if we never meet
beyond the shadows of the night,
i’ll wait