Culture: Art, Music, Literature

Language. Poetry. Music. Art, as a general category. All of these things are “horizon expanders.” They force us to confront our perceptions of the world, critically evaluate what we believe and why. Being particularly eccentric in artistic taste, I wanted to present to a larger audience the works that I find particularly compelling, exciting, and just plain unique.

I’m not an “expert” in culture (whatever that means), and that’s half the fun. Not knowing what others find interesting gives us an opportunity to talk about what we think is important and why. What I post is what I think will facilitate discussion and, if I’m thoughtful and lucky, will facilitate at least one aha! moment from my readers. Experiencing new things, whether or not we enjoy them, helps us grow as individuals.

Whenever possible, credit will be given to the content creator(s) in the relevant posts. This includes my own work.

Currently, I’m working on a collection of experimental poems dealing with topics that reveal the primitive factors of human experience. I used to write poetry pretty frequently, but like so many things in life it got left behind once I started college. Recently, I decided to take it up again for fun and as part of a personal desire to make myself more well-rounded. In a similar spirit, I’ve also started writing short stories. Upon completion, I’ll post them on Awkward Hand Gestures as well.

I don’t have a planned posting schedule for this sort of content, but I will post as often as I come into contact with interesting works. Hopefully, you get as much from this cultural education as I do.

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