it’s a simple thing,
a message.

a couple of phrases
here and there,
an emoji, maybe even a gif,
if we’re feeling generous.

sometimes there’s a purpose,
a mission…
we need something,
need to know about something,
want… something.

but the best ones
seem to just fall into our laps,
never unwanted.

short, sweet,
reminding us
we’re on someone else’s mind,
part of their world,
that we matter,
they care.

those are the ones we wait for,
want for,
are willing to love for.

those are the ones
we need like we need air to breathe.

they are the reason we keep going
or stop dead in our tracks.

they are love and joy and sadness and heartache
and hope
wrapped into neat little packets
that we spend hours thinking about writing,
fretting over,
and only occasionally regretting.

those are the ones though,
the very best ones,
and they usually begin with “hi.”


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