i like to think that Sisyphus
was born of perverse persuasion,
that he and Atlas
had a bet
to see who could last longer;
Sisyphus, Man who would best Titan

… Man who would best all
the Eternals: Olympian, Titan…
and all of Gaia’s Wrath

… Man who would be Supreme,
who would conquer all the Heavens,
who would teach the Earth and Celestial Sphere
to bend to his Will

lest they suffer Fate’s cruel reprimand

… Man who would be God,
if only for an instant

who would see the End
by His means, a slave
to all His Passions

… Man who would be more,
wanted more
than He could ever have

… Man and Fate
lighting fires in the fabric
of the Cosmos,
wondering eternally
if all was as it seemed


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