This isn’t the original version of this poem (which I was considering one of the best I think I’d ever written), because, for who knows what ridiculous reason, my original draft was erased upon trying to preview it. Needless to say, I’m not very happy with WordPress at the moment. Without losing my mind for the sixth or seventh time, here is an approximation of the original.


Heroic visages chiseled
in ancient light,

rendered from a void’s darkness
by moments long
and silent…
but passed,

made old by distance.

From nothing,
they emerge remorseless,
purposeful; known
by starlight, accorded
its attention.

Spanning time,
actions premeditated
before memory came to be,
came to make certain
they were part of the plan:

voyagers seeking a newer end,
farther than yesterday’s;
gazing beyond artificial horizons
too broad to be defended
in practice,

though some tried,
and were forgiven.

Hearts playing in fire,
engulfed in blazes
shown to chosen eyes,
receptors trained, destined
to sense the glow of Origin

– the Cosmic Latte variety.

Souls shorn from duality,
the fabric of existence
made tangible by our struggle;
driven to leap from ledges
on principle; to serve the sightless;

discovering another End,
another step,
another jump,


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